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About Us

Thank you for visiting our page and taking the time to know us better. We are a company dedicated to providing reliable and enjoyable experiences in Bangkok. Here is a closer look at who we are and what makes us so unique.


First Class Bangkok is based within the heart of the city. It is managed by some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and cooperation partners with decades of collective experience in travel operations and tourism services.

Our organization and cooperation partners are also experienced in other associated activities like tour guiding, airport and accommodation services, and even conference management. Today we have a fleet with a large range of luxury vehicles along with a team of experienced chauffeurs and work staff..

At First Class Bangkok, our main objective is to provide complete transportation arrangements within Bangkok and the surrounding cities.

We do this by keeping highest standards for everything we do and own, from our cars and safety measures to our work staff, service flexibility, and punctuality. We help a wide range of clients while maintaining a policy of reasonable prices for services rendered with no hidden fees, all the while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our customers.

In order to maintain our high quality service and customer satisfaction, we work by the following principles: 

We perform full background checks on all our chauffeurs including details about their educational qualifications and criminal records.

Our entire staff, including the chauffeurs, can speak English and we are constantly striving to improve the communication skills of our staff.

For extra security, every vehicle in our fleet is fitted with a live GPS system to check if drivers are going beyond the speed limit, deviating from the decided routes, making unauthorized stopovers or doing anything else suspicious.

Many of the highest quality and most luxurious cars on the market are in our fleet including BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles to name but a few.
When you choose us, you can be assured of the best value for money with no hidden costs and additions to your bill. Our chauffeurs do not request or expect tips and leave it to the customer’s discretion to recognize their drivers’ abilities.

We have already helped and impressed a number of clients from around the world including government dignitaries and big business executives. We have also played an essential role in various group conferences and events.

Our services are specifically designed for the challenges unique to business travels. We understand that corporate travel can be incredibly hectic. Everything should be scheduled perfectly; right from time they arrive at the Bangkok International airport to the time they return home. We help keep things as quick and as simple as possible; this ensures that your business executives dedicate their complete energy to the job at hand.