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Hourly Booking – The Bangkok Nightlife

For most tourists, Bangkok doesn’t just offer incredible scenery, amenities and cuisine; Thailand’s capital city is in most people’s list of world’s greatest party hot-spots. The nightlife in Bangkok is legendary and frankly makes The Hangover series of movies look quite tame!

Party In Style & In Safety

By now you should be aware of the unspoken ‘rules’ of partying in Bangkok:

  • Book accommodation in advance
  • Have some spare baht to use the bathroom
  • Hydrate constantly
  • Don’t go barefoot to a beach party
  • Keep valuables locked away safely before you go out

But how many people think about going to and from the party? If you’re planning to get a taxi, best of luck! Thousands of people have the same idea so it’s easy to get stranded for want of transportation.

The easy solution is to book a luxury car with First Class Bangkok. We have many of the world’s most exclusive brands ranging from Jaguar to Mercedes and you can secure a booking in a matter of seconds!

If you want to make a grand entrance there is no better way than to arrive in a chauffeur-driven supercar. You’ll immediately be the topic of conversation and the person everyone wants to chat to. Take things one step further with our Easy Pass escort services which essentially parts the red sea of Bangkok traffic for you and enables you to enter like a celebrity.

Great Bangkok Parties

There is an almost limitless choice of parties you can arrive to in style. Best of all, you can really let your hair down because at the end of the night, your chariot awaits and is ready to bring you back for some much needed rest! Here are some of the best nightlife spots Bangkok has to offer:

  • Bed Supperclub: This is located on Sukhumvit soi 11 and consists of a restaurant-lounge and adjacent nightclub. It has dinner nights and themed music nights with the occasional world class DJ and celebrity appearance.
  • Route 66: This is one of the most famous clubs on Royal City Avenue (RCA) and is the place if you want a vibrant and energetic evening. 
  • House Of Beers: If you’re a beer aficionado, HOB is one of Bangkok’s finest bars and it offers over 20 different types of Belgian beers alone along with brews from dozens of nations around the globe.

Whether you just want to wet your whistle, enjoy a special evening in a fabulous restaurant or party until dawn, First Class Bangkok has you covered. We make sure you get to and from the location safely, what you do at these places is a secret Bangkok will be only too happy to keep!