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Hourly Booking - Business Meetings

Thailand’s economy is growing at a rapid pace and since it is part of ASEAN, more global enterprises are eager to set up shop in Bangkok in particular. The result is hundreds of earnest young business people rushing around the city looking to catch meeting after meeting. When you arrive at an important presentation out of breath and covered in sweat, you’re not giving off the best first impression!

Own the Room!

Instead of desperately looking for taxis or being forced to find a suitable parking spot, take a load off your mind by hiring the services of First Class Bangkok. Whether you are a new entrepreneur hoping to impress or an experienced executive who demands the very best, we have a fleet of luxury vehicles to choose from.

Perhaps you could go for a casual look with a sports car or else you could ooze charisma by opting for one of our classy automobiles. Rather than being stressed out by external matters, you can focus 100% on your meeting. This will improve your performance and who knows; maybe this will be the difference between a rise and stagnation in your career.

Bangkok Business Etiquette

  • Punctuality is Paramount: Thais expect you to show up early for meetings and this may not be possible with the intense Bangkok traffic. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution in the form of our Easy Pass escort services which will guarantee your early arrival.
  • Be Patient: There will be occasions when things are done at a slower pace than in your homeland but you must remain calm and not show any signs of irritation at such delays.
  • Cards & Gifts: After the initial greeting, all parties can exchange business cards. It is also a fact that Thais enjoy receiving small gifts from your homeland so make an effort!
  • The Wai: This is a traditional form of greeting in Thailand and is given by a person of lower status to one of higher status; this greeting is then returned unless there is a large gap in the respective statuses of the greeters.

In Thailand, nothing spells ‘status’ quite like arriving to a business meeting in a luxury car driven by an English speaking chauffeur. It is a sign you have ‘made it’ and even if you are not yet at the top of the corporate ladder, First Class Bangkok can show you what life will be like once you eventually make it.