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Hourly Booking - Dining Dating

If you are playing the dating game in Bangkok, you should know the importance of making a positive impression. Whether you are taking your spouse or partner out on the town or meeting someone for the dreaded ‘first date’, it’s essential to get everything right to ensure a memorable time.

Setting the Mood

You could try and navigate the Bangkok traffic yourself or attempt to use the public transport system but why bother when you can wow your date with a luxury car complete with chauffeur? With First Class Bangkok, you can hire any one of our fleet of beautiful, new and reliable vehicles and a fluent-English speaking driver who is aided by an advanced GPS system.

Imagine picking up your date in a Jaguar XJ while a chauffeur holds the door for both of you. Picture the scene as this sleek and sophisticated car pulls up outside one of Bangkok’s trendiest restaurants. If you’re on a first date, you’ll have an easy topic of conversation to break the ice with!

Bangkok Hotspots

When it comes to fine dining, Bangkok is a global leader with some incredible locations to choose from:

  • Tuba: If you or your paramour enjoy unusual decor, Tuba is a great place for a date with its odd paintings, oversized chairs and antique lamps. It also has a happy hour that lasts 180 minutes!
  • Coco Walk Ratchathewi: This is a great location for younger couples and is very popular with Thai university students. It is an area filled with awesome bars and restaurants with The Chilling House one of the most popular bars. While everyone else scrambles for a taxi at the end of the night, you’ll have your luxury vehicle waiting for you.
  • The Deck by the River: This is famed as one of the city’s most romantic restaurants and is located right on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and across from the ancient Wat Arun temple. The amazing food is every bit as good as the view and it is a must-see location for newcomers to Bangkok.

If you are on a mission to impress a date, add in our Easy Pass escort services and your luxury car will be ushered through the traffic. Once you can prove to your date that you can part the sea of traffic in Bangkok, you’ll make the very best of impressions!