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Hourly Booking - Shopping

You’re guaranteed to find some of the world’s greatest bargains when shopping in Bangkok as this is a city that has absolutely everything. However, do you have the patience to walk around Bangkok and search dozens of stores? In a city with 8 million people, things can get crowded in a hurry! Add in the heat and you’ll end up skipping a host of stores and missing out on bargains of a lifetime.

Why Stress When You Can Cruise?

Have you ever been envious of celebrities who can drive everywhere, shop in any store they like and have a chauffeur waiting to pack their bags in a luxury car? With First Class Bangkok, you get to live like an ‘A-Lister’ for a day! Here is what awaits you:

  • Choose a luxury auto such as a Mercedes Benz E-Class or a BMW 7 Series
  • Browse the best shops in Bangkok
  • Buy what you need
  • Ignore/revel in the envious glances from other shoppers
  • Store your shopping in the car
  • Do it again and again and again for as long as you’ve booked for!

With the Hourly Service Stand-by option from First Class Bangkok, you can book a luxury vehicle for a minimum of three hours complete with chauffeur and it is all YOURS! That’s right: you have your own driver, your own luxury car with GPS and can use it to plunder the stores of Bangkok! Here are some of the treasures that await you:

  • Siam Centre Bangkok – Browse through over 200 international and local brands.
  • Terminal 21 – This incredible mall is comprised of several different ‘mock’ cities such as London, Tokyo and Istanbul.
  • Mega Bangna – This megastore’s motto is ‘Everything under one roof’ and this is not an exaggeration with over 450 brand shops contained within this 35,000 square metre masterpiece.

If you REALLY want the ultimate in luxurious shopping experiences, avail of the roses and champagne on offer with every vehicle and use our Easy Pass escort services to fly through the Bangkok traffic like it was a quiet country road.

The only trouble is that you’ll become spoiled and never want to shop in any other fashion again! Bangkok is one of the world’s greatest shopping locations so go out there in style!