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Hourly Booking (Stand By)

Do you have important business or leisure activities planned in Bangkok? Although Thailand’s capital is an amazing place to visit, its traffic congestion is world famous so you may need to put your plans on hold!

Or Do You?
Imagine having your own personal chauffeur drive you all over the city in a luxury air conditioned car. Instead of being angry and frustrated by the Bangkok traffic, why don’t you sit back, relax and enjoy a new experience? Our hourly service standby option allows you to rent a luxury car of your choosing by the hour for as long as you need it. Simply enter your preferred pick-up and drop-off points, the time and date of your journey and choose your vehicle.

The minimum rental period is three hours but there’s so much to do you’ll probably want a lot more! We are a licensed and registered company and each car has its own fluent English speaking chauffeur and GPS. Whether you want to make a grand entrance at your wedding or browse Bangkok’s boutiques, First Class Bangkok allows you to do so in style. Below is a list of services we offer:

Bangkok has some of Asia’s best golf courses and elegant club houses so don’t miss out on the opportunity to arrive like a tour pro. Pack your clubs and prepare yourself for the ultimate test of your skills as your chauffeur brings you to any course of your choosing within Bangkok. Read more

Shopping: So many shops to choose from but so little time! Don’t stress yourself out by walking from shop to shop in Bangkok, plan out your shopping expedition with military precision and allow us to bring you to each store in record time. Read more

Dining/Dates: Have you managed to pick up a hot date? Can you think of a better way to make a first impression than by collecting your paramour in a shiny new luxury car with a chauffeur on hand to open and close the door? First Class Bangkok is a real conversation starter so begin your date the right way! Read more

Business Meetings: In Thailand, punctuality is everything when it comes to business meetings and you can’t use the traffic as an excuse! As well as getting you there on time, our service allows you to make a positive impression on your colleagues and can mark you out as someone of distinction. Read more

Wedding: With so many things to worry about, it is easy to neglect transport but you deserve Hollywood treatment as you travel just as you do with everything else. We can’t promise that your big day will be perfect but we can guarantee you will arrive and depart in a manner that ensures everyone present will remember it for a very long time. Read more

Honeymoon: Allow us to whisk you away to all the most romantic spots in Bangkok. Instead of waiting in traffic and missing out on the best moments of your life, use our Easy Pass Escort Services to ensure you experience as much of Bangkok as possible on your honeymoon. Read more

Exhibitions: Bangkok is known for a lot of things: amazing weather, unforgettable nightlife, marvellous temples and culinary delights. Yet it is also one of the world's premier cities when it comes to exhibitions.
Read more

Night Life: For most tourists, Bangkok doesn't just offer incredible scenery, amenities and cuisine; Thailand's capital city is in most people's list of world's greatest party hot-spots. The nightlife in Bangkok is legendary and frankly makes The Hangover series of movies look quite tame! Read more

If you’re only interested in average, First Class Bangkok is not for you. However, if you want to know what it feels like to be treated as a VIP, book one of our luxury cars today.

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