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Luxury Services

First Class Bangkok offers a wide range of services to its customers from around the world.

Our airport and hotel pickup services help you reach any destination within Bangkok and the surrounding cities. We also offer a fast track pickup service to ensure you get a ride to and from the airport without any problems.

Our chauffeurs will pick you up right on time. We check the arrival time of our customers’ flights right before dispatch so rest assured; your chauffeur will be there even if your flight is late and at NO extra cost. This means no more waiting in long taxi lines and you do not have to make any private travel arrangements from the airport. You also do not have to rely on buses, trains, or other public transport. We get you to your destination conveniently, comfortably, and safely.

We help make your experience in Bangkok memorable right from the moment of your arrival. Our team will greet you at the airport and you do not have to worry about traveling with heavy bags for too long. All you have to do is relax and let us take you to your destination while we also help you with your baggage.

At First Class Bangkok, we are committed to delivering quality airport pickup services and keeping our customers happy and satisfied. We ensure that our :

Vehicles are top-of-the-line

Our fleet of vehicles is not only clean and in great condition, but also updated with the latest in comfort and convenience features. Every car is inspected regularly by its chauffeur and maintained by the best technicians to ensure that our customers travel in the best way possible across the city.

Chauffeurs are qualified and well-trained

Our team of chauffeurs and other staff members are qualified, well-mannered, and well-trained. We have a strict selection process to ensure only the best chauffeurs and employees are allowed serve you. All our chauffeurs are evaluated daily for their service, driving skills and communication with customers. It helps us understand how we can improve the way we treat our customers.

Customers get the best airport services for their money

We offer one of the most efficient and comfortable ways to travel around the city of Bangkok and the one of the least expensive packages for business travelers and individuals visiting the city. Public transportation may be cheap for residents but personalized and quality transportation is necessary for families and business travelers visiting Bangkok.

First Class Bus Service

Travel in group? Have you ever traveled to Thailand in group for very important business meeting and cannot find the transportation from Airport to Hotels with such scales? Have you ever been to Thailand in a group and cannot find the transportation to carry them all? First Class Bangkok offers the Super Luxury Bus aiming to provide private luxury group transfer and reduce hassle of finding transportation when travel with large party.

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Things can get hectic even before you step out of the airport and experience Bangkok traffic. The line for customs and immigration counters can be long and you may have to wait for an hour or more during peak times. This is where our fast track service comes into the picture. We speed up the airport formalities for you and get you to your destination in Bangkok city faster. With this service, we arrange a special immigration counter for you so that you do not have to wait for long to complete your formalities. Traveling through the large Suvarnabhumi airport can be tiring and time-consuming which is why we offer golf cart transport within the airport to take you through terminals to a connecting flight or to your special immigration counter. Our fast track service is not just for your arrivals, it is also for departures.

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Apart from airport pickup and drop off services, we also offer customers the opportunity to charter jets, helicopters or yachts at competitive rates. These services give you a new and unique experience of the city that cannot be matched and they are available in three package: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Our jets are available for charter for high-profile customers, VIPs, business executives, wedding guests, honeymooners and everyone else who wantS to experience life in first class. With this service, we can take you to several destinations across Thailand in style and luxury. For those who want to experience Bangkok and other nearby areas from the sky, our helicopter chartering services meet your requirements. We take you from the helicopter pad of the five-star Peninsula hotel to other locations across Bangkok and back again. There is no better way to beat the traffic of Bangkok and experience the city in a unique way. Our yacht chartering services are for those who want to sail the high seas around Phuket and enjoy the incredible natural beauty of the region. This includes the beaches of Tonsai and Railay and the incredible Karst vista. You will see Phuket in a whole new light surrounded by luxury and the sea.

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Business trips, weddings and honeymoons require better than average facilities which is why we offer to arrange accommodation at some of the best luxury hotels in the city. These hotels combine luxury and comfort to ensure an incredible experience for business travelers, honeymooners and wedding guests. Our luxury hotel services are useful if you want :


A more tranquil experience

A luxury hotel offers the charm and atmosphere needed to help you relax. They are less crowded than typical hotels and customers can truly relax and unwind in the dining room or lounge.

Quality living arrangements

When it comes to the luxury hotels we book you into, attention to detail is a given so you can expect nothing less than the best in terms of quality. Everything from the bed linen to the quality of the furniture and food is designed to give visitors a sense of luxury and high living at a reasonable price.

Our commitment to customers and service excellence

All the services we provide at First Class Bangkok have been planned with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We not only take you from point A to B, we also take care of your needs and make sure you have a great time along the way. We look at customer preferences and plan routes, directions and schedules accordingly to ensure our customers are always on time mo matter where they need to be in the city.

Value for money

When you choose First Class Bangkok for your luxury staying arrangements, you can expect the best value for money for the services rendered. You get to experience the luxuries of living large at an affordable price. This is great for business travelers looking to unwind before their next big meeting or after a hectic travel schedule. Our services are also equally great for FIRST CLASS travelers, wedding guests and honeymooners looking to enjoy themselves.

Our services can be modified to meet the specific needs of customers no matter how unique they may be. Give us a chance and we will show you why we are the best traveling service provider in Bangkok. By the time you go back home, you will have experienced some of most memorable moments of your life. For businesses, we also ensure you get the most cost-effective and productive arrangements for your executives. We offer the privacy that enables business travelers to conduct their work and keep things simple to ensure their focus remains on the job.